Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Property success grows on Fruit trees

BRIGHT green and orange corporate colours grabbed attention in the Positions Vacant pages this month when Fruit Property Redland City advertised for sales staff. The recruitment drive has heralded a milestone at the Middle Street, Cleveland, agency that business partners Craig Yarrow and Sharon Saul set up five years ago. May 15 will be the fifth anniversary at the office, which began as part of the Raine and Horne group but became a Fruit franchise in September 2009. Sharon says the business had a staff of just four when it began but now has 10, working on sales, administration and property management.

THE Fruit group, using the slogan "Property with passion", started in Victoria, aiming to demonstrate "a fresh look at real estate". Such a theme, using the image of fresh produce seems to be a natural for the Redlands because of its heritage in horticulture. However, Sharon says the modern approach that Fruit founder Craig Bellgrove expounded, with emphasis on care for all clients, vendors and buyers, impressed the Redland partners. A simple gesture in providing apples in promotional packs at property inspections underscores the group's principles but the ethos does go deeper.

THE founder says the group has built "a culture of authenticity and contribution, with a real 'walk the talk' flavour and identified a shared values base that supports a terrific experience for our clients". "I believe an organisation should have a heart and a reason for existing beyond just the financial equations," Craig says. He urges Fruit representatives to actively listen and accurately hear and sense another's thoughts and feelings. The Redland agency invited applicants to "bring a great attitude and a passion to succeed" and promised a comprehensive support system for sales people to pursue a career path in property.

SHARON says the agency's weekly fruit bill has been growing with a marked increase in buyer activity in the market and more attending open-house inspections. She is unsure of the reasons behind the activity but confidence seems to be returning to what is still a 'buyer's market'. The trend points to an upbeat celebration to mark the May anniversary.

This column has appeared in The Redland Times.

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