Monday, April 14, 2008

Business bounces along

THE "jumping castle" has been a phenomenon as it has bulged and bounced its way into the Australian culture over the past few decades.
A big percentage of adult Australians, however, have never experienced the weightless atmosphere.
The jumping castle arrived too late for many to experience the thrills and spills during their childhood. But a growing number of the deprived are trying to catch up.

JUMPING castles now are on the list for adult occasions, especially 40th birthday parties, says Victoria Point’s Judy Folster, who with her husband Mark operates Redlands Jumping Castles.
The amazing social trend of 40-something ‘jumpaholics’ could be a good one for Mel and Kochie to debate on Sunrise but the breweries have no need yet to worry about their core business.
The ‘born-again jumpers’ have good, clean fun foremost in their minds -- jumping castles are mandatory alcohol-free zones.
Judy and Mark’s 10-castle firm, which has featured in the Redland Times Fast Find Services, dates from 2000.

JUDY says the inspiration for the venture came from her daughter, Lauren, who was born in 1997, just before the family moved to the Redlands.
Mum saw the great joy that her baby daughter gained from toys -- and promptly set up Victoria Point Toy Library as a small business she could operate from home, importing a range of exciting toys.
Lauren’s interest in jumping castles then prompted Judy to look at a new business theme.
She says she sold the toy library, which now operates in South Australia, and graduated into a new field.

REDLANDS Jumping Castles has a website, is a member of the Australian Amusement Association and meets the highest standards of safety and work with children, Judy says.
It services a wide area of south-east Queensland, with regular appearances at club and church fundraisers and community events at prestigious venues including Brisbane Convention Centre.
Judy is proud to have supported the Redlands police Citizens Youth Club blue-light discos since the firm started with just one 4m by 4m castle. The next disco will be on April 18 at 6pm.
The firm commissioned the manufacture in Sydney of a gigantic 7m by 7m castle especially for the big kids but Judy says it will keep its motto, "An active child is a healthy and happy child".

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tales of an eight-paw, four-ear and two-tail package

Image of a Jack Russell terrier from wikipedia.

WHEN Wellington Point couple Anne and Chris Finnegan were preparing late last year to move to acreage at Sheldon, their family members wanted to mark the occasion with a special gift.
The Finnegans had long commiserated over having to leave their beloved Jack Russell terriers behind in South Africa about six years ago.
"It really broke my heart that they were too old to come with us," Anne says. "I felt that at nine and 11 years old they would not do well spending a long time in quarantine.
"We found homes for them but they had to be split up."
The ‘logical’ gift last Christmas was an eight-paw, four-ear and two-tail package that could deserve the term, Jack Russell Twin Pack.

TWO-year-old Pippa and her three-year-old boyfriend, Jack, however, have been a bit like Bonnie and Clyde since they settled at Sheldon.
Jack is good at busting out of jail and, with his loyal companion in tow, heading into the bush. They have kept their noses clean of major trouble but Anne, a gentle grandmother of three lovely little girls living at Capalaba, admits she is no Elliott Ness when it comes to chasing escapees.
"The dogs just like exploring but they are so independent and such loving little creatures," Anne says.
The tension became too much this month, and Anne advertised the dogs in our Classifieds.
While Anne and Chris waited for the response they thought they should improve security around their patio so the dogs would be at home to receive visitors.

IF this was a classic "second thought", the third was "Let’s fence the property" and the fourth, "We’ll keep the dogs because they are such great buddies."
The couple now has started obedience training with the dogs.
Anne and Chris fell in love with Jack Russells during their 12 years in South Africa together. Anne grew up in the Cape Town district, with a life in horses, and qualified as a riding instructor. After she met Irish-born Chris they bred show and hunting horses in Ireland.
Anne has another reason, apart from the terrific terriers, for fencing at Sheldon.
The acreage has brought the opportunity for her to introduce her granddaughters to horses.
So while you are reading this, the Finnegans may be scanning the fencing and livestock columns in our Classifieds.

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