Wednesday, April 06, 2011

'Monster' freeway sweeper heads for Redland base

EXCITEMENT is building at the Redland base of a company that has been helping to replace the plain old-fashioned broom with a set of high-tech cleaning machines. The small team at Sweepers Pty Ltd's Enterprise Street, Cleveland, headquarters is gearing up for the impending launch of two new products that managing director Mark Scull describes as breakthroughs for the cleaning industry. Mark and his wife Roz set up Sweepers at Lytton about 12 years ago and moved the operation to Cleveland about four years later.

SWEEPERS sells and hires out commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, such as vacuums, scrubbers and sweepers to clients throughout Australia. The firm also runs a contracting division, Wombat Sweepers. Mark expects the new products to find a national market. "One is designed to pick up debris from freeways, travelling at 80 kilometres per hour," he says. "It will pick up a 20-litre drum or a tyre. The removal of this sort of debris freeways has been a problem. I searched for this type of machine for about 10 years and finally found a guy who was developing one in the United States."

THE other product is a new type of cleaning device for rough surfaces. Mark says traditional practice has been to use one scrubber to remove the rubble and another high-pressure water cleaner to complete the job. However, his new US-made device will complete both tasks and recycle the water, minimising waste.

A POSITIONS Vacant notice gave an indication of increasing activity at Sweepers. Mark and Roz advertised for a "computer geek ... experienced in building and maintaining websites". Mark says the websites ( and have a vital role in keeping Sweepers on the industry's cutting edge, so the geek position is important. About a dozen computer experts applied over two days. Mark says the couple has employed a highly experienced website expert with briefs including search engine optimisation.

WHILE the new products warrant some heavy promotion, Sweepers has a long list of products in 15 categories, ranging from small single-disc scrubbers and leaf and litter vacuums to ride-on scrubbers, road sweepers and garbage compactors. Cleanaway's Townsville branch supervisor Allan Mott has praised Sweepers for its support of his branch's four sweepers and another the company operates at Mount Isa Mines. "The heavy industrial sweeping we contracted to do around the Port of Townsville is EPA monitored and has to be of a high standard with low dust emissions," Allan says. "The ability of the sweeper to sweep and contain the fine metal dust particles such as copper dust, zinc and lead is a job that is required to be constantly done whilst ships are loading."

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