Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Olympian helps hockey expand to Redlands

It seems like millennia since I posted on this site but the time span has just been that loved and hated "silly season". Throw in a tooth extraction, the death of a family pet, a New Year’s Eve gig playing some jazz classics at Aunty Alice’s CafĂ© and Restaurant on Russell Island in southern Moreton Bay and a few more distractions and I must admit I have been neglectful of the marvellous community of classified advertising. So here’s another catch-up of published columns. The image (courtesy is hockey great Angie Lambert, who features in this story, which appeared in The Redland Times, Cleveland, Redland Shire, Queensland, Australia.

SPORT history will record Tuesday, December 18,2007, as a great day for the Redlands, celebrating its affiliation with the hockey community of the state, nation and world.
A core of eight dedicated people formed Redlands Hockey Association this year, aiming to start junior competitions next season.
Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club is the venue for Tuesday's 7pm meeting, which will move to affiliate with the State body, Hockey Queensland.
The attendance of about 150 juniors at "Hook into Hockey" introductory sessions in the Redlands between July and September has shown the strong interest in the sport, says association secretary Alison Brennan.
Alison says Hockey Queensland's former game development officer, Bernadette Pangrazio, started the Redlands hockey push, which has benefited from the involvement of Australian hockey ambassador, Angie Lambert.

ANGIE plays with the state side, the Scorchers, while also representing the nation with the Hockeyroos.
Although she does not live in the Redlands, Angie has been keenly interested in fostering the sport here, Alison says.
Angie's sporting credits include an Olympic gold medal in Sydney in 2000, when at 19 years old with her maiden name, Skirving, she was the youngest member of the Australian team and the second youngest hockey player in history to win Olympic gold.
She has been an Australian squad member since 1999.
The new association has another link with the elite levels through its chairperson Melanie Woosnam, a former Hockeyroo.

MELANIE is due to return from a marathon in Hawaii on Monday in time for the big meeting, Alison says.
"We are confident of getting competition up and running in March even though we don't officially have home grounds yet," Alison says.
"We are negotiating with the council and we are hoping Ormiston State School will allow us to use their fields so we can push ahead with the association."
Alison, a former New South Wales state and country junior player, says the pace of hockey attracts energetic youngsters.
"It's a fast and exciting sport that both boys and girls can play - and I think that makes it special," she says.

About 'that' time of the year
Here’s another column that appeared in The Redland Times in December. Louise Denisenko’s Running Errands also featured in an earlier post.

THE heat turns up in more ways than one as we head to the perfect Aussie Christmas, sizzling in the summer sun and half enjoying the sense of anticipation or panic that some call "excitement".
Whatever the condition may be, it infects even this writer, a ‘scrooge’ from way back, with the suffering exacerbated by his name’s appearance on the Christmas Day newsroom rosters year after year and decade after decade.
Thank heavens my shift work is in the past but in the publishing fields we always know Santa is coming because his helpers splash holly around our columns with a colourful warning, "Christmas deadlines".
Now, that’s really cheerful, isn’t it? Decoration with a punch.
Which leads me to the subject of time management, very important for the festive season.
Redlands time-management guru Louise Denisenko says the golden rule for the Christmas is: Get Organised Early (GOE).

LOUISE has been on the ‘GOE case’ for years. She has made a profession of watching clock and calendar. She carries the title of "personal concierge" with her Victoria Point-based business, Running Errands.
My apologies for not passing on her profound advice sooner. Louise had the first laugh in her September newsletter, announcing "Ho ho ho – none of us really want to know this but Christmas is just around the corner!" and offering help with office parties and shopping lists.
Louise, who signs off her correspondence with "Time to run", says the sub-title on rule No. 1 is: Avoid a last-minute rush.
No one likes to show a face matching Santa’s suit, so Louise’s other festive season suggestions can save embarrassment.
Her No.2 golden rule is: Always make a gift list for family, friends and corporateclients so you don’t forget anyone.
And No.3: Buy a couple of extra presents so they are under the tree at those special moments when friends drop in with an unexpected gift for you.

BUSINESSES need to think about Christmas even earlier than families, says Louise, who has found that most party venues are pre booked by early or mid year.
However, in the true spirit of goodwill, she says no late starters on Christmas business should give up hope.
"It may not be too late," she consoles. "We are able to do all the leg work for you."
The service extends to "some great gift ideas that will save you time and stress".
"Any gifts you require can be brought direct to your home or business and can be beautifully wrapped.
"Personalised beer or wine with your company logo or personal photo is also a nice gift."
THANKS for joining me in the marvellous community of classified advertising.