Saturday, July 01, 2006

Classified advertising users get out there and do things. This ad appeared yesterday in the Redland Times, which serves a lively community on Moreton Bay, the stunning entry statement to the new force in the Australian economy, south-east Queensland.

BIG decisions and hard work with a splash of colour are keeping an Alexandra Hills couple busy.
Vanessa and Anthony Mortimer are about to take an important step in their lives by opening a new business called "Splash Colour Splice".
Elements of "splash" and "colour" are getting attention now as the Mortimers prepare for a weekend of painting at a Redland Bay Road, Capalaba, address.
The "splice" will follow with Vanessa's new hairdressing salon due to open soon.
Vanessa, who has long held the ambition to open her own salon, has already started advertising in our health and beauty column.
Since her years at Alexandra Hills High School, she has known her destiny was hairdressing.
She admits getting a bit stressed out as she juggles the commitments of motherhood with the planning and preparation.
But things are falling into place for Vanessa and Anthony, who works as a warehouse supervisor with a transport logistics company.
"Tony will be using a paintbrush with me this weekend," Vanessa said.
"We have had to change our plans for the colour scheme and the design."
She said the couple had been disappointed to find that their planned name for the salon was similar to that of another registered business.
They coined the new name and changed the colour scheme to suit it.Vanessa was about to go hunting for a stencil to complete the "splash" vision.
She was chatting while trying to settle down two lively boys, Reece, 7, and Jake, 5.
The soccer-mad pair, both pupils at one of Vanessa's old schools, Vienna Woods Primary, have been itching to burn up some energy during their holidays.
After the painting this weekend, Anthony is likely to go from one type of brushes to another, but "sticks' are more likely.
He may still find time to practise on drums with his new band.
Vanessa says the band, Chaos, may be close to getting gigs, playing a lot of original music.
However, she can't say whether Chaos will be ready for a special gig at the opening of Splash Colour Splice."
There's a chance we can open a week or so early but we are working toward August 1 at the latest," she said.
THANKS for joining me to meet the great people in our marvellous community of classified advertising.

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