Thursday, June 29, 2006

REX Thompson would like to make contact with Gayle (nee) Ferrier of R'ton, whom he met on a cruise March 86. Ph 08 8277 4249, 0408 454 292.
This ad appeared in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin on October 20, 2001.

THE phone rang in Rex Thompson’s home in the Adelaide suburb of Clovelly Park at 6.50pm on Wednesday, October 31.
Rex works as an "instant lawn" salesman.
He was away on work commitments when his mum answered the phone that night.
He had waited years for the call and he is sadly disappointed at missing it.
"The caller said her name was Gayle but she didn’t leave her number," Rex said.
"I have waited a few weeks now but she hasn’t called back.
"Perhaps I’ll see if Telstra can find me the number.
"Can they give you a number of someone who called?"
Rex believes the caller was an old friend he has lost touch with and that the call came from central Queensland.
He desperately wants to renew the friendship.
"She is such a lovely caring person," he said. "We just clicked."
Rex’s hopes of getting in touch with Gayle have risen in the past few weeks since he met a Rockhampton couple, he knows as Mr and Mrs Croswell, when they were visiting their daughter Nicole in Melbourne.
Nicole’s flatmate, Marcia, is an old friend of Rex, who was on holiday from Adelaide.
"We got talking, I told them about Gayle and they said they would put an ad in the paper for me," he said.
The ad said Rex Thompson would like to make contact with Gayle (nee) Ferrier of Rockhampton, whom he met on a cruise in March 86.
Rex said he later came north to stay with Gayle for a while but returned to work with the Taxation Departrment, then had trouble getting leave.
They lost contact over the years but he drove to Rockhampton about four years ago to try to find her.
"She had left work at the hospital and moved home," he said.
"Her mother was no longer at the address she had before.
"I went to the electoral rolls.
"Gayle was in them until 1997.
"She may have got married."
"She was a nurse at Rockhampton Hospital. I am a different sort of person.
"I have a physical disability, osteogenesisimperfecta.
It means I have brittle bones. There are 800 of us in Australia.
"I was born with eight fractures and I am 4ft 1in in height.
"I wear calipers and need walking sticks. I have a pretty good life.
"I have no complaints. I drive a car. I drove to Rockhampton twice to see her and stay."
Rex said he had benefited greatly from having four elder brothers and two sisters who helped provide family support for him .
"It must have been better than being an only child," he said.
"Now people that are my friends respect me immensely. "They value my opinions and will come to me to ask me about aspects of their life
"I meet a lot of people all the time but not all have an effect.
"I cared for and loved Gayle from day one. I don’t want to lose her friendship."

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