Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The pieces of paper are still turning up. On March 28 on this blog, I reprinted a Classie Corner that appeared in the Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia, in 2002. http://classiecorner.blogspot.com/2006_03_01_classiecorner_archive.html
Today’s post is a letter that I received a few days after the original publication …

I AM writing in response to your "Great service to Mankind" article, the subject of a recent "Classie Corner" column in the Morning Bulletin.
Thank you for writing in such positive terms about our business, the products we sell and the service we endeavour to provide.
I can particularly relate to your tounge-in cheek reference to political correctness, as the name "A Man’s Toyshop" has engendered many differing reactions and comments over the 25 years the business has been operating.
Might I also say that an increasing number of our clientele are women, which I feel indicates there are significantly more women taking up the type of occupations and hobbies perceived in the past as being very much a man’s domain.
I look forward to further articles in your "Classie Corner".

Ross E Mylrea
Managing Director

In the print medium, I wrote hundreds of columns from a location hundreds of kilometres from the papers’ readership bases and circulation areas and received great satisfaction from spreading the Classie Corner message. Now I have updated into the web-based activities, the best is yet to come.

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