Friday, January 06, 2017

Artist Iris Taxis leaves mystery behind paper mask

It's the image that the artist wished no one would see. It has been a great surprise for a buyer of paintings from an op shop.
Two paintings by the Baroness Iris Taxi - which the buyer found in a dusty pile in an op shop about two decades ago - have multiplied into a trio.
The first painting that "jumped out" of the mix of hobby art and prints to catch the buyer's eye was a stunning "mother and child" in a gypsy setting (below).
Nearby in the op-shop pile was a depiction of three horses.

Some time after the acquisition the buyer realised the back of the horse picture was loosely covered with paper and several
tears indicated another image.

This image also showed a mother and child but with an an ambiguity that may have prompted Iris to mask the signed work. 
Iris Taxis was a highly talented artist who branded some of her works with her title, name and address in Kensington, London. 
Little has come onto the web about her but her works have featured in auction lists:
I would be happy to publish any information about this great but little-known artist if someone could help fill this gap in art history with any info about her. Contact me through the comment link.

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