Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In memory of Millie, Tenterfield terrier

THE silver lining in the dark cloud; an opportunity from a missed deadline.
 A pet food company just ran a contest for images of dogs. This gem was hiding in a back-up disk and poked its nose out of the cuddly comfort of obscurity too late to enter the competition. 
Now it remains as a special treat for readers of this site, which from time to time has documented my love of Tenterfield terriers since my family obtained one of the lovable little creatures from the Classifieds.
 Millie, pictured, was a Tenterfield cross who danced on her back legs, befriended the neighbourhood cats and birds – particularly the curlews – and helped me collect sticks for the backyard campfires. 
Sadly, I report she is with us no more, but this image of her as a little puppy brings back happy memories of a great little mate. 
My posts about Tenterfield terriers are the most visited on this site and I am sure this lovely picture will be of interest. 
Next post: Back to business in the Classifieds – coming soon!

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