Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hundreds of smiles warm up winter in vibrant city

EVERYONE gets the chance to make new year's resolutions on January 1 but business has a special opportunity each July.
The winter sunshine with a bite of chill in the air – and a meeting with accountant or tax agent high on the agenda – is a good platform for improvements and reforms.
Business of all types can be a bit like gardening, where during the dead of winter one pays attention to important details before the warmth of spring.
Redland City has experienced an early flush of new growth this winter with the
launch of the Redland City Bulletin, combining the best features of the long-serving
Bayside Bulletin
and Redland Times to service the vibrant urban and rural community that is based on a precious environmental asset, the Moreton Bay region.

THE Fairfax Media team that has planned the reform deserves congratulations for retaining the local papers' traditions, while emphasising the role in servicing the changing communities of interest that make up a modern city.
It was pleasing to see the faces of more than 200 people, mostly Redland City residents, feature in the editorial pictures of the first edition, excluding the eight-page wraparound feature that documented the reform.
After dozens of papers of hard news and special features supporting city enterprises, it was just as delightful to get the burst of colour in the Trades Services pages and then the first edition of the Redland City Bulletin Classifieds.

THE 'old' always mixes with the 'new' in the Classifieds, and the cultural mix will always draw keen eyes.
One of the most visited pages at tells of the “treasure hunt” of classified advertising, which offers special opportunities.
A buyer found a top-range Westinghouse fridge at a bargain price after Julie Smith of Ormiston used a picture of the fridge in her ad for that special edition of the new Bulletin. Please note: The fridge wasn't smiling too.
Julie and her family came from the UK 15 years ago for the Redland lifestyle, so they have witnessed the district's change – and she says they have no regrets.
They have been preparing to move to a new Ormiston home, where the fridge would be too big for the kitchen bay.

NEVILLE Russell of Thornlands advertised for a Raby Bay pontoon for a 38ft boat he is about to bring from Tasmania – and received an offer.
Neville says he has hired a skipper to sail the Huon pine boat, Islander II, to the bay; he is considering getting aboard at Coffs Harbour.
The Classifieds are a place for people who get out there and do things in their lives. That will remain the same, regardless of the packaging.

This has been the first Classie Corner in the new Redland City Bulletin.

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