Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two words that mean a lot

This column appeared in The Redland Times just before Christmas 2009.

TWO special words are the chorus of the day at this time of year. They will reach a crescendo in exactly one week from today.
"Thank" and "you" undoubtedly should be not only on the lips but also on the minds of everyone year round.
Sometimes, we don't manage to verbalise this important sentiment for some reason or excuse like laryngitis or emotional paralysis, so Christmas is always a great occasion to get square with your conscience.
Classie Corner, dedicated to the great people in the marvellous comunity of classified advertising, has just started its fifth year in The Redland Times.
WITH the mighty press to cool a little as the sun sets on 2009, my thanks must go to the Times team – including Brian Hurst and Julie Burton – that allows space for this column and presents it for the readers.
Thank you, too to all who have featured in Classie Corner during 2009. As I have lamented previously, much of my records disappeared in a mid-year computer disk crash, so when I moved to identify all the deserving parties I set a laborious task of combing through remnant files.
For this reason I ask for the forgiveness of anyone who takes umbrage at omission from the following:

Amy Dakin; Angela and Kent Griffin; Barbara and Tony Wills; Barry Crocker; Barry McKenzie; Bob and Diane Metcalfe; Bob Possingham; Brian Forsyth; Brendon Prior;
Carole Oliphant; Carol Sefton; Charles Neophytou; Christina Mayor; Col and Kay McInnes ; Danny Mayers; Debra and Gordon Kuss; Denton Wade; Elizabeth Bigges; Elvis Presley; Emma, Reuben and Eathan Baker; Gary Wheeler; George Frideric Handel; Graham Josefki; Graham Easterbrook; Horace; Inge Drake; Jack Sim; Jan D’Arcy; Jesus;
Jim White; John Gallon; Karen Struthers; Katrina Goldsworthy; Les McDonaugh; Liz Hall-Downs; Margaret and John Sullivan; Mary and Ross Gibb; Merv Alley; Mervyn Moriarty; Neville Wright; Nicole Bennett; Norman Purse; Norm Taylor; Patricia and Ross Harris; Paul Dobbyn; Paul Truscott; Peter Lawrence; Ray and Cherry Norris; Rebecca Dunn; Rod Johnson; Santo Coco; Sheryl Daley; Sheryl Galbraith; Stan Lewis; Steve and Evelyn Rae; Stiven Jakovich; Trent Cowan; Trevor and Helen Ehrlich; Wayne Adair; Wayne and Ella Fullard; Wendy Gardner. Special mention to the late Bill Orr and the late Glenn Prior.

To all on this list, thanks again. And to everyone, my best wishes for a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

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