Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dog loss is too much 'to Bear'

Three "bear stories" in three months. That’s probably enough to qualify for a Bearophile Award. Previously Classie Corner has brought you heart-warming tales about cuddly little stuffed toys. Now, from this week’s Redland Times (Cleveland, Redland Shire, Queensland, Australia), comes a heart breaker about a boy and his dog. Don’t worry – you’ll soon find out more about the bear connection.
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THE sad scenes that resulted from the departure of a much-loved pet to a new home have etched their place into the history of a young Wellington Point family.
Mother-of-two Debbee Wessling won’t easily forget her energetic toddler son, Tayhvin, traumatised and trying to climb into a stranger’s car to go with his best mate, a lovable german shepherd-collie cross called Bear.
And when the horrible reality of losing Bear sank in, Tayhvin showed his grief and frustration in the awesome way that toddlers do.
"It broke my heart," Debbee says. "He just bawled his eyes out. It took about five minutes to get him into the house and I managed to distract him.
"I think I did it with a book – he loves books."
THE bright side of the visit by that mysterious woman from somewhere in the Redlands – at least, from within a short drive of the Wellington Point address – was that Bear immediately took a liking to his new family.
Undoubtedly, he now bestows his love on her little kids instead of Debbie’s.
"Good guard dog and with kids," said the notice in the new Giveaways section of our Classifieds. There was nothing false about the advertising.
"The lady had two small children with her and they came in to have a look at Bear," Debbee says. "He went up to the little girl straight away and licked her."
Bear was just a little pup when Debbee decided to look for the right canine as a special Father’s Day gift for Tayhvin’s dad, Bruce Beavan.
She says she asked their property agency if the family – eight-month-old daughter Zarkhiya completes the clan – could have a dog in the rented home.
"THE agency asked me to put the request in an email but after I sent it no one got back to me and when the time ran out I thought everything must have been okay," Debbee says.
"When I got Bear from the pound he was just so fluffy, with big floppy ears and brindle-type stripes that he could have only one name."
When the landlord eventually said no, Debbee and Bruce tried to break the bad news to Tayhvin gently and gradually but in the end it appears nothing would have helped convince him to part with the dog easily.
Debbee has printed pictures of Bear and stuck them on the boy’s bedroom wall so they are still together in spirit.
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