Monday, May 21, 2007

Road of life leads to Moreton Bay island

This story has appeared in The Redland Times, Cleveland, Redland Shire, Queensland, Australia. Image from

A MARVELLOUS sense of freedom comes to mind when Redlands "lifer" Neville Rogers discusses his 16 months plying the east coast in Australia’s growing class of grey nomads.
"You are living your dream," Neville says.
"We looked forward to the experience for 10 years.
"I think the freedom was the real highlight."
Four years ago Neville and wife Dawn "sold up everything" and headed off in their 100 Series Landcruiser, with tinny on top and 22ft (6.7m) Jayco Heritage caravan in tow.
They travelled the Queensland coast and ventured south to Evans Head.
IF all had gone to plan the couple, who ran Rogers Menswear in Wynnum from 1977 to 97, would be now in a convoy of three caravans, sharing the freedom with good mates.
The couple upgraded last year to a 20ft (6.1m) Paramount Delta II. However, they reevaluated their plans after the mates met changes in their lives and withdrew from the trip.
Neville and Dawn then decided to consolidate their investments in property without wheels.
A dot on the Moreton Bay map drew their interest. The couple bought a block on Lamb Island and is preparing for the delivery of a removal home.
To help finance the project, the Rogers sold their boat, outboard motor, trailer, roof racks and the Paramount, which had travelled only 50km. All these sales came from advertising in the Times and Bayside Bulletin over the past fortnight.
THE result has delighted Neville, who is very familiar with the power of your local Rural Press newspapers.
He and Dawn lived at Thornside for 20 years before a stint at Alexandra Hills from 2000 to 03.
They are now back at Victoria Point but also house sitting.
Neville grew up in a family with eight kids at Birkdale.
Despite the profound changes to the scenery since the 40s and 50s, Neville says his main memory is of the TV-free culture, when the whole family would tune in for the long-running radio serial Blue Hills.
"Seven of us are left now and we try to get together each Boxing Day," he says.
"I have told them they’ll be with us on Lamb Island this year."
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