Sunday, May 04, 2014

'Health and wealth' echoes as mantra for baby boomers

A LONG journey on some highways and byways of Queensland life has led Tim Campion (right) to Victoria Point but he's not resting as he advances toward retirement age. Once a "typical country boy" who grew up on a sheep and cattle property on the western Darling Downs, Tim now describes himself as an entrepreneur.
At 62 years old, he is not winding down but rather ramping up to prepare for his senior years with a mantra of "health and wealth" at top of mind.
He works out at a gym three times a week and brims with energy as he talks about his new projects.
Tim has already lived a full life, after he left the family property while in his twenties, to study for a business degree.
"I stumbled across the opportunity to start my own business, line marking, and had contracts around the greater Brisbane area including the Redland Shire Council," he says.
"At the time I was living at Sheldon and started a nursery there."
In the late 1980s, Tim returned to work on the family property, between Miles and Chinchilla, and decided to study law. 
He says his admission as a barrister allowed him to start a practice in Chinchilla and Toowoomba and he later served as the senior lawyer with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service in Mt Isa, then moved to Wellington Point and defended in cases in the Cleveland, Wynnum and Holland Park Magistrates Courts.
Tim says he mistakenly believed the sale of the family property to a gas company almost four years ago would allow him to retire.
However, after seeing how quickly his wealth was shrinking, he knew positive action was imperative.
"We can no longer rely on a little nest egg of superannuation to get us through," he says. "So many people in the baby boomer category are looking for the means to give them quality of life in their impending retirement." 
Tim believes he has found a perfect solution in the marketing of a US-developed dietary supplement, Protandim, that is hailed as a weapon against "oxidative stress".
That is the background to the "medical breakthrough" that Tim recently announced in the Business Opportunities column.
The Protandim website says the supplement's five natural ingredients work together to activate an enzyme that communicates with the body's cells, "instructing them to ... survive in the face of stress from free radicals and other oxidants, and ... help the body function at an optimal level".
If enthusiasm and energy are any guide, Tim Campion appears to be a walking and talking example of the supplement's efficacy.
This column has appeared in The Redland Times.

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