Friday, October 12, 2012

Astrology and the law: cop's story inspires study

Image from wikipedia, where many have expressed their knowledge and/or beliefs about the power in the heavens.

THE North Queensland cop who chatted with a young woman about his work more than 20 years ago could not have predicted what he would start. Wendy Smith now recalls the policeman as "courageous and pragmatic" and says she listened attentively because of his strength of character. His insight was neither particularly profound nor unique but two aspects of the conversation stuck in her memory: The cop had direct experience dealing with violence and behavioural deviations about the times of a Full Moon; he believed police were susceptible to being killed or injured during those periods.

THUS Wendy gained "a healthy respect for Moon cycles" and developed an interest in astrology, the study of which she is sharing through classes with the theme, 'Live your life by the Moon". Now an Alexandra Hills resident, Wendy promotes the classes through The Redland Times/Bayside Bulletin Training & Tuition column.

"STUDENTS learn the basics about planets, signs and houses, while seeing and experiencing how the Moon affects their lives personally," she says. "The Moon is the fastest moving planet, which rules our emotions. "People interested in astrology can learn about the subject and analyse their own personal charts, which I will draw up during a 10-week beginner course, as they know themselves better than anyone else. "I think for us to grow as humans we need to look at ourselves first, warts and all through our birth charts, which are personal maps, and learn to love and embrace who we are. "Then we can move forward and deal with all the other complications – partners, money, jobs, relatives – and use some astrology tools to see how the transiting planets may offer us opportunities or challenges to deal with it all."

ALTHOUGH Wendy's focus is on personal charts rather than general predictions such as appear in newspapers and magazines, she believes "on-going difficult aspects" between Pluto and Uranus are having a big effect on humankind. "Pluto is a planet of transformation – that is, it breaks things down before they are rebuilt – and Uranus is the great awakener, which brings change and unusual outcomes," she says. "With these two planets squaring up to each other and from time to time at an exact angle, everyone is under pressure of some kind. "The world has seen economic crisis – and is still going through massive collapses and restructuring and changes; these planets are forcing change with most of us having to downsize or re-evaluate our lives on many levels." Wendy sees no conflict between astrology, religion and science. "All are necessary parts of the whole perhaps," she says. ? Thanks for joining me to meet the great people in the marvellous community of newspaper classified advertising. For more information and stories visit

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