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They're 'running examples' of healthy eating

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THE dark look on a kid's face in response to the direction "Eat your spinach" is one of the indelible images of parenthood.
Mums and dads throughout history have happily tortured their kids at meal time; it's probably a payback that has come through many generations.
The public health officials who spend money promoting good dietary habits must also have suffered this acceptable form of child abuse when they wanted jellybeans and received a celery stick.
The connection of a good diet with health and fitness, however, is not the invention of an advertising executive plotting a million-dollar campaign.

CONSIDER this case history: About 30 years ago a newlywed couple chose the Redlands as the place to have their family.
He had a background in horticulture in the Lockyer Valley; she was from a family of growers in Rockhampton.
The couple opened a fruit and vege shop, and the Cleveland business served them well as they raised their two sons and daughter.
The business moved to Victoria Point about a decade ago, then into bright new premises as the retail development gained pace.
Burgo's Fruit Barn in Victoria Point Lakeside is now one of the 'iconic businesses' in the retail precinct, and Gaye and Glen Burgess have kept all their enthusiasm for their enterprise.
Their children, Scott, Nathan and Katie, are now in their twenties. Gaye is proud of their health and fitness focus and that they all absorbed her message about a good diet.

NATHAN, aged 21 and 198cm tall, is the full forward for the Redland Bombers AFL side. Scott, 23 and 200cm, is in the Queensland volleyball team.
Gaye says Katie is not in competitive sport at present but is "very much into gym and fitness".
The trio, in fact, are running examples of a good diet.
About seven years ago the Burgesses installed a juice bar and for several years have offered 'performance-based' smoothies suiting health and fitness programs.
"We can make special smoothies for people who want to bulk up and others that can help in weight reduction," Gaye says.
"All the juice is fresh from the shop and squeezed at the time. That makes us different from the juice bars where it comes out of a bottle."

BURGO's recently advertised for a juice bar operator and received about 30 applications. The appointment is important; a big event is set for Saturday, September 3.
In partnership with the neighbouring fitness centre, Legal Muscle, Burgo's will launch a new smoothie, Real Results, with free product samples and advice from a personal trainer.

Thanks for joining me to meet the people in the marvellous community of classified advertising; this column has appeared in The Redland Times.

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