Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Visit inner universe and paradise planet called Art

THE feeling of timelessness makes browsing artworks one of the most relaxing pastimes. Stepping into a public or private gallery seems to free up pathways in the mind.
On the other side of the art equation, the creation also can be a marvellously meditative experience and an escape from the humdrum of everyday existence to a special place where there are no pressures other than those you want to accept.
An invitation to this paradise has been posted on the Classifieds' Find Us First page, where renowned Birkdale sculptor Georgette Schwantes, trading as Georgette's Art, has promised "therapeutic and relaxing" art classes.

GEORGETTE is one of Redland's most accomplished artists, with her stunning creations featuring at times in our news pages.
One of her commissions, a life-size fibreglass sculpture of Jesus, for Sacred Heart School, Sandgate, appeared on The Redland Times front page in 2009, and last year crosses that she created for Carmel College featured in the Bayside Bulletin.
Georgette has had much experience in teaching, both privately and at TAFE level. She was born in Egypt but grew up in England, where she obtained a degree in fine arts.
She has practised in the Redlands for about three decades. Georgette has an intriguing answer to that age-old question, What is art?

"I STRONGLY believe that art is an experience, and it has to be experienced," she says. "Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed creating art.
"The pleasure ... is not from finishing a piece, but rather the journey in creating it.
"I am always reluctant to sign a piece off, as that is acknowledging that it is finished. Then sadness comes over me, similar to the sadness at the end of a love affair.
"For me, there is no better way to express myself, my feelings, dealing with a three-dimensional form, one I can feel, not only with my hands but with my very soul.
"When I am working with my clay, I lose myself in it, time stands still, five hours can fly by and it can feel like five minutes.
"I am no longer in control of it, it has a soul all of its own, the presence of pure energy is running through me. I can feel it directing my hands. Oh, what joy, what ecstasy; I am flying; I am out of this world."

GETTING her feet back on the ground Georgette is also developing a specialty in sculptural restorations and has completed several major projects on sculptures that have been damaged in transport from overseas.

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