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Alexandra Hills takes garage sale title

The 'post, post' catch-up continues as I work through the backlog of stories that I should have posted sooner (image courtesy microsoft):

THE calendar page is about to turn. The last of the spring garage sales will bring out young and old for their weekend treasure hunts across our bayside city. The Garage Sales column has been busy this spring, maybe because of some underlying social causes or simply 'wash-outs' that the rain postponed.
Once a year, Classie Corner awards the coveted title of Redland City Garage Sale Capital to the suburb clocking up the most sales in a certain timeframe: Congratulations to the 2010 winner Alexandra Hills, which had 20 advertised sales in the past two editions – two more than the runner-up, Capalaba, with 18. Then came: Thornlands 16; Redland Bay 14; Victoria Point 12; Birkdale 13; Wellington Point 9; Cleveland and Ormiston 7; Thorneside 2; Sheldon and Raby Bay 1.

US author Mark Twain believed "there are lies, damned lies and statistics" but such a simple collection of figures will always reflect some truths, if only basic influences such as population size and demographic factors.
Nowadays, with vendors presenting a pitch to catch the keen eyes of the garage sale early birds, the listings certainly make interesting reading.
During the past few weeks, the instinctive spring clean-out has been prominent, and the traditional deceased-estate
and moving-house listing have featured.
However, hearts surely reached out to the Redland Bay women who proclaimed: "Husband busted – everything must go."
The obvious emotion in such a public statement of angst would undoubtedly prompt some sideways glances from nervous buyers. Would anyone be game to ask whether "busted" meant he was in trouble with the law, bankrupt or both?
Perhaps that story will become available when time takes the heat out of the situation.

THE garage sale columns in your local paper seem to have evolved into a 'real-life soapie'. At one end of the sale scale, there are the obviously desperate and at the other, people who desperately want to help.
As the Redland Bay woman told the world about a crisis in her family, Capalaba Uniting Church was advertising a carboot sale.
The Ney Road church can put its earnings to good use. It describes itself as "a friendly church with a desire to worship and serve Christ, and with a big heart for our community".
A craft group, a Crossroads group for people with disabilities, home groups, market days, prayer groups, and an annual camp are just some of its activities.
The church says its morning tea after Sunday worship is a relaxed time of friendship – and maybe it also offers some tranquillity after Saturday's garage sale chaos.
Looking ahead to the weekend: the bureau has forecast a shower or two tomorrow, so be prepared.
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This column has appeared in The Redland Times.

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