Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little boy changes others' eating habits

Image: Organic vegetables at a farmers' market in Argentina. Courtesy wikipedia.

WHILE corporations budget millions of dollars on advertising to promote health and its soul sister, well-being, a young Victoria Point boy has spent not a cent to get people eating a healthy diet.
The saying that an ailment can actually help keep you healthy seems to ring true as the fitness culture grabs more time and space in our mass media.
But Nelson Bennett, 6, can claim the credit for changing dietary attitudes in his family and then inspiring a move to supply diet-conscious Redlanders with the right food.
"Nelson was quite sick and had a few health problems when he was younger so we looked at his diet," his mum, Nicole, says.
"I started by taking out the food with preservatives and additives and as I researched more I realised our bodies certainly do not need the chemicals and toxins that are sprayed on fruit and vegetables.
"Produce may be sprayed with numerous different chemicals and in some cases it may be sprayed daily for two weeks before it reaches the market."

NICOLE turned to certified organic produce for her family, which also includes husband Mark and their other two children, Tristan, now 11, and Latique, 2.
However, she was dissatisfied with the availability of such products in the district. About 18 months ago, Nicole started a business, Wholesome Organics, with the slogan, "Refrigerated delivery to your home or office - afforbable, healthy, chemical-free living".
Our regular readers have become familiar with the splash of colour Nicole's ad brings to our For Sale column, with pictures of fresh fruit standing out in the fine print of many listings.
Nicole says our Classifieds have been an important tool to supplement a "word of mouth" approach in steady growth of the business.
Wholesome Organics now supplies dozens of Redlanders with certified organic produce that it sources from the Rocklea markets and directly from organic growers, she says.

PART of the organic experience is to embrace the philosophy of the seasonal influences, taking advantage of nature rather than opting for techniques to grow produce outside its normal season or to increase its storage life, Nicole says.
"Everthing we sell has been immediately picked and is not, for instance, coming out of a cold store months after harvest," she says.
Wholesome Organics' modest accommodation is a trailer that features eye-catching artwork incorporating a shining sun.
The proprietor believes selling organic produce must have a bright future and her aims include development of an educational emphasis including a website.Nelson and his siblings, meanwhile, are doing their bit, presenting as healthy ambassadors for the organic cause.

THANKS for joining me to meet the great people in the marvellous community of classified advertising. This story has appeared in The Redland Times, Cleveland, Redland Shire, Queensland, Australia.

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