Saturday, March 17, 2007

Schnauzer 'breaks out' in microchip mystery

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ANYONE hoping an embedded microchip will ensure a rapid reunion with a missing "best friend" may take a lesson from the experience of a Redland Bay family.
When the chips were down, so to speak, after the family’s miniature schnauzer, Maggie, escaped their Redland Bay Road home on a Saturday afternoon, technology proved useless.
An old-fashioned "Lost" sign on a pole, however, worked wonders, just when hope was fading, and distraught owner Lesley Heidenreich again could give the pooch a loving cuddle before a new week of doggy mischief.

SOON, it was like all the drama had not occurred. On the Sunday night, Maggie was again up to her old tricks, sneaking into the bedroom of Lesley’s eight-year-old son, Calum, despite repeated admonitions from Lesley.
Nearby, Lesley’s nine-year-old, Jared, again slept peacefully after a weekend of trauma. Meanwhile, Lesley was thinking how to avoid panic such as began after she let Maggie off her leash on private property.
"We live on acreage and we were in the yard with her," Lesley said. "When I realised she was no longer with me, she would have been gone five or 10 minutes.
"We doorknocked Redland Bay Road and Double Jump Road and put out fliers. I phoned Redland Shire Council but could receive no help outside office hours.
"Maggie is registered in New South Wales but the place with the records is not open at weekends. At lunchtime on Sunday I put up a big sign near the BP garage."

ABOUT 3pm, the sign caught the eye of a Thornlands vet. He phoned Lesley to say he had taken care of Maggie since a woman had rescued the dog from busy Redland Bay Road and asked to leave her at his clinic. Phew!
The experience left Lesley needing resolution on several matters. She immediately found a 24/7 dog microchip registration service.
She also placed a Lost & Found notice saying, "Thank you to the lady who picked up my dog … I would like to thank you personally."

ALMOST a week passed without a response but Lesley was still optimistic the meeting will occur. After all, Maggie came home, didn’t she?
Thanks for joining me in the marvellous community of classified advertising. This story has appeared in The Redland Times, Cleveland, Redland Shire, Queensland, Australia.

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