Monday, May 15, 2006

The relationship between humankind and caninekind (how’s that for political correctness?) continues to be a major feature of the marvellous community of classified advertising (see May 5 post).
But let’s not overlook the importance of all the dog2dog dealings. Today we are talking foxie2pomeranian, similar to the pair pictured courtesy of .
I will hunt up more dog stories from the Classie Corner archives. Today’s post appeared in the Gladstone Observer in December 2001.
A LOVE story has ended in Marten Street, South Gladstone. The love was so strong it moved the earth.
But the lovers have been separated.
The "Romeo" has moved on, and the "Juliet" – a three-year-old fox terrier – now faces the surgeon’s knife to limit any future romances.
The operation to "fix up" the Shmakov family bitch, Layka, follows her three successful matings with the pomeranian dog who used to live next door.
His name is Vizza. He has moved with his human family to Roma, after he and Layka produced a total of 19 puppies in 18 months.
Their final litter of six $120 "lovely little balls of fluff" has starred in a Checkout Classifieds advertisement.
When the last pup has found a home, the "very good mum," Layka, will be whisked off to the vet.
The quotations above are from Nina Shmakov, who says the couple "moved boulders" to get together.
"We put logs across a gap in the fence to keep them apart but they still scratched until they made a gap," Nina says.
"Then we replaced the logs with boulders about rockmelon size.
"We thought they would never move the rocks but they kept digging under them until they broke the barrier.
"I tried to keep her in our enclosed veranda but she scratched too much.
"At least he was faithful to him."
Nina, who moved with husband Tony, a dry-wall plasterer, from Alberton in South Ausralia to Gladstone about seven years ago, says Layka replaced a kelpie-cross as their family pet.
"She’s the best dog I ever had," Nina said of the tricolour foxy.
"I named her after the first dog that went to the moon. She was a small dog too.
"Layka’s an excellent guard dog and treats the kids (aged 5 and 3) well.
"She won’t take off anywhere. We can leave the gate open."
With Vizza now safely out of earshot, Nina can describe the former neighbour as "a little yappa".
Nevertheless, the union produced outstanding puppies, this tme with equal numbers of medium-length and smooth coats.
Vizza and Layka must have timed this litter for the Christmas stockings.

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