Sunday, February 06, 2011

Think of real meaning but dont burn the snags

This was Classie Corner's Christmas message in The Redland Times in December before a seasonal recess. During most of the festive seasons during my 40-year-long career in journalism I have soldiered on but in 2010-11, I joined the revellers and holiday makers:

TODAY, a break from tradition and an early Christmas message as the tension builds in the homes and shopping precincts of Redland City:
Jaws dropped at a family barbecue when a teenager asked, during the annual countdown to the birth of the most important person for a major chunk of humankind, "Did Jesus die of old age?"
Outrage and wonder at such apparent ignorance showed in the adults' rapid chewing to clear their mouths and attack: "How come you don't you know that Jesus died on the cross?"
The teenager's response, however, soon humbled the indignant elders: "Yes, I know Jesus died on the cross but he came back to life , so did he then live a normal life, or whatever?"

THE adults who had been very quick to judge the youngster before hearing the context of the question were now extremely slow in reply. They simply didn't know the answer.
This curly one required some expert solving. David Busch, of Capalaba Uniting Church, came to the rescue: “Actually, the resurrection isn’t just a dead body coming back to life.
"It’s a new kind of life – body and spirit. Some of Jesus’ friends didn’t recognise him after the resurrection.
"He appeared to them in ways that a mortal body couldn’t. And after 40 days of these appearances, he was taken into heaven.
“The resurrection was God’s way of defeating death. So Jesus didn’t die of old age – he showed us life beyond death which is God’s gift available to all of us because of Jesus’ death and resurrection.”
The eyes of some started to glaze over, as they were thinking about an interest-free deal for their Christmas shopping list.

DAVID sensed he was getting 'a bit preachy' and jumped back into action to save the sausages from cremation, as the conversation turned to the cricket ashes.
Capalaba Uniting Church's use of the Classifieds to promote its activities shows how the Christian community and its values are still prominent despite the commercial focus in the modern world.
The Capalaba church and others are always working away in the background and honouring not only the life of Jesus but offering his spirit of compassion and care.
That's really nice to know as we shop till we drop and cross off the days until, December 25. The messages: Be tolerant; don't jump to conclusions if something or someone pushes your reaction button; enjoy the summer cricket; and don't burn the snags.
As for me: I have taken care of my Christmas and Easter columns in one go. Thanks for joining me in the marvellous community of classified advertising.

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