Sunday, November 09, 2008

'Flair for hair' meets 'passion for fashion'

THE publishing trade has found a great use for at least one of the elements of its four-colour production system after sister and brother Mimma and Frank Fazio this year decided to go into a business partnership.
Stocks of magenta ink must have shrunk to make all the pink that the Fazios have splashed around in relation to their venture, Sassy B Hair and Fashion, at Birkdale.

THE pair even helped brighten up the Classifieds with a big burst of pink when recruiting a hairdresser for their "Funky New Salon", which catches eyes at Aquatic Paradise Shopping Centre.
Mimma says she and Frank are proud of the salon’s focus on "young colours and crazy hair styles" and its success since opening on July 1.
"I have been working in state and federal government departments for about 25 years and Frank is a sales manager in the construction industry," she says.
"We talked about going into a business partnership and had a busy couple of months after finally deciding upon a salon.
"We had to fit out the premises for the use, and a lot of the family gave us a lot of help."

MIMMA and Frank grew up at Annerley. She now lives at Mt Gravatt and Frank with his wife Joanne at Birkdale.
"Joanne is a hairdresser and gave us the inspiration for the salon," Mimma says. "We are lucky that she still has time to help out although she is involved in other things.’’
The "face of the Sassy B" is Frank and Joanne’s niece, Tarr-a Cowsell, as senior hairdresser and manager. Mimma says that after the recruitment campaign Tarr-a now has the company of another young and lively hairdresser, Talia.

THE fashion side of the business uses the effort that Mimma put into building connections in the jewellery industry while she was on leave from the public service.
She says she sources ‘everyday’, stirling silver and gemstone jewellery from "all over the country" to meet the demand from those wanting "something a little bit different".
"It comes from Indonesia, India, Peru and a bunch of other places," Mimma says. "When someone (a customer) sees something they like I can tell them it’s highly unlikely they could ever find another piece exactly the same."
Mimma emphasises, however, that fashion retail will always come second to hair at Sassy B.

DAPHNE Parnell, of Victoria Point, says her husband Ed’s century-old workbench (Classie Corner, October 24) did not sell for the advertised $40 but found a new home, still in their family. Her son-in-law, Paul Tuckwood, has collected the bench, which originally was a gift to Ed from his grandfather.

Thanks for joining me to meet the great people in the marvellous community of classified advertising. This column has appeared in The Redland Times.

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