Friday, February 09, 2007

Golfer makes cut in business

This column appeared today in the Redland Times, Cleveland, Redland Shire, Queensland, Australia. Image courtesy of That's where Dan plays his golf. His Redland Bay hometown is south (right) of the course.

A LOT more than fat and juicy fruit and vegetables has grown on the rich red soil that gave the Redlands its character.
Entrepreneurial spirit cannot be packed into a carton and trucked to market but nevertheless has become one of the bumper crops as the Redlands has transformed from market garden to a special type of suburbia.
Every day Redlanders are applying their minds and energies to doing great things in life and business.
This may be a good talking point with Dan Howard at the 19th hole at Redland Bay golf course, where he is likely to be swinging merrily any weekend.

THE course has been handy for Dan throughout his 30 years of life. He is one of the privileged who can still say he was born and bred at "Reddy Bay".
Dan started golf when just nine years old but drifted away from the sport in his mid teens. For the past couple of years, however, he has been back on the fairways and greens he loves.
It must be the perfect recreation for a rising star in business. Both in golf and business, Dan knows the importance of setting goals.
On a handicap of 13, he plays in every Saturday competition and is firmly committed to winning something decent.
While he has "nothing yet" in golf, the story is a little different at Walken Marketing, which Dan established about 18 months ago in partnership with Wade Kennett, of Sherwood.
WALKEN markets discounted car servicing door to door. Dan says the business has benefited from its work with some of the biggest companies in the field, including Midas and Repco, and operates throughout the State.
Dan says the partners are negotiating to expand into New South Wales as part of their plan for a national operation.
Walken’s recruitment notices give an upbeat image to the marketing system by listing five reasons to join the team.

THE good money, five-hour shifts, free weekends and management opportunities must draw a lot of eyes. But the "free beer on Fridays" must be welcome after the sales force pounds the pavements. Dan, however, monitors this one closely at the interview stage. Excessive interest in that little word may not be healthy.
"I just throw that one in to show that it’s a fun work environment and there’s no seriousness," Dan says.
Teamwork is important to Dan in another of his interests. He plays bass and is forming a covers band to play at Redland and Brisbane venues.

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